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Piers Ludlow is a Reader in the Department of International History at the LSE and a specialist on European integration history.  My main interests focus on the historical development of the EC system and of the way in which the Community played a role within the wider Western structures during the Cold War.

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Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol is Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow at LSE IDEAS – the London School of Economics’ centre for the study of international affairs, diplomacy and strategy. My research interests focus on two interconnected strands. One is the study of European monetary cooperation in the 1970s, up until the creation of the European Monetary System (EMS) in 1979, which was the focus of my thesis. The other is the rise of summitry in the mid-1970s up until the late 1980s, and in particular the study of two fora, the European Council and the G7.

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CHÉNARD Marie Julie

Marie Julie Chenard is a third year PhD candidate in International History at the LSE.  She teaches as LSE Graduate Teaching Assistant the course ‘The European Civil War, 1890-1990’.  Her research examines the evolution of the European Community’s policy towards the People’s Republic of China from 1970 to 1980.

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Gérard Bossuat est professeur émérite à l’université de Cergy-Pontoise.


Éric Bussière est professeur à l’université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV).